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As a result of the global gaming industry’s strict regulatory guidelines and ever changing technology, specialized knowledge and skills are required to help ensure compliance. RMC stays up-to-date on the various state, federal and local laws governing gaming. They have developed a comprehensive information tracking and data collection system which allows for immediate access to developments that impact their clients. RMC has also established relationships with key regulators and has developed a mature network of legal and consulting professionals to assist clients with a variety of issues.

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RMC assists businesses in navigating the legislative, regulatory, and licensing systems governing Michigan’s commercial and tribal casino industries, including iGaming and iSports. RMC also assists businesses with numerous multi-jurisdictional compliance matters.


RMC helps companies develop compliance procedures which are unique to the casino industry and impact operators and gaming and non-gaming service providers. They also assist with application approvals and various non-compliance matters (transfer of ownership, approval of debt, annual application renewals).


RMC offers casino operators comprehensive regulatory counsel with respect to compliance with the requirements outlined in the BSA, OFAC, and FACTA. RMC’s specialized knowledge of gaming laws and regulations allow it to uniquely provide compliance advice on Anti-Money Laundering (“AML”) rules and regulations as they apply to the gaming industry.


RMC professionals have been actively involved in shaping policy through legislation, regulatory advocacy, and relationship building. We utilize our relationships with state policy makers to ensure our clients are at the table and their issues are heard. In additional to effective advocacy and issue management, RMC can aid in tracking vital information that could impact our client’s businesses.


RMC professionals have been actively involved in the creation of rules and regulations governing gaming operations. RMC can assist in the establishment of new gaming commissions and help draft rules that comply with jurisdictional and/or NIGC regulations.


Frequently the most important asset a business owns is its brand and/or goodwill with its customers and potential customers. RMC assists clients in securing and protecting trademarks and copyrights at both the state and federal levels. RMC’s assistance helps clients protect and expand their branding and goodwill to grow their businesses.


RMC reviews and develops procedures for the submission of gaming equipment to state gaming laboratories or third-party independent gaming laboratories. They provide guidance to entrepreneurs seeking to introduce gaming innovations to the casino industry (business plan, business introductions, testing).


RMC’s lawyers and consultants are creative advisors who have experience analyzing the legality of casino promotions and sweepstakes to ensure an uninterrupted advertising campaign. RMC understands the unique pressures that casino gaming operators face in developing new and innovative marketing and advertising concepts and has a keen understanding of the various laws and regulations that govern the promotions and sweepstakes environments.


As the Internet wagering industry matures, it is expected that business opportunities will develop for traditional casino industry service providers (trademark and licensing agreements, consulting). RMC possesses a keen understanding of the regulatory realities involving Internet wagering in the U.S. and can provide consultation on these endeavors.