Our Team

We believe a successful professional services firm is driven by its people

With over 70 years of combined experience, the professionals at RMC are dedicated to providing clients with uniquely tailored business solutions to accomplish their regulatory and legal need.

J.J. Burchman


Phone: 517.999.5414
Email: burchman@rmclegal.com

Susana O. Lebel

Executive Assistant

Phone: 517.999.5411
Email: lebel@rmclegal.com

Randall G. Gross


Phone: 517.999.5416
Email: rgross@rmclegal.com

Carlie N. Shaw

Regulatory Analyst

Phone: 517.999.5417
Email: cshaw@rmclegal.com

Robert R. Russell

Gaming Analyst

Phone: 517.507.3858
Email: russell@rmclegal.com

Christina M. Morris

Client Relations Manager

Phone: 517.999.5433
Email: cmorris@rmclegal.com

David D. Waddell


Phone: 517.507.3859
Email: waddell@rmclegal.com